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Why is the FDA Pushing Cloned Meat?

When it comes to the FDA's recent approval of meat and milk for sale in America's grocery stores after more than three years, as you probably expected, it had a great deal to do with the agency relying far too much on ViaGen and Cyagra, a pair of animal-cloning companies.

For example, the work of a pair of scientists either currently or formerly employed by Cyagra was cited liberally throughout the FDA's 700-page draft approving cloned sources for food. Even worse, more than a fourth of the document was supplied by both companies too.

And, of course, the government and conventional science will justify cloning animal for all the very debatable good it can do to rid the world of hunger or to discover new and often an unnecessary and useless toxic drugs. No wonder, some food companies are readying clone-free labeling for their products.

However noble these objectives may sound, Americans certainly aren't fooled by the tainting of our food supply with cloned meats. More reason than ever for you to seek out local sources for your vegetables and meats.

Biopolitical Times January 3, 2007