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Even Small Amounts of Trans Fats Doubles a Woman's Fertility Risks

The trans fats bans springing up all over America may not only save your life. Women who consume no more than 2 percent of their daily calories from trans fats may be responsible for doubling their risks of ovulation-related infertility troubles.

Moreover, a woman's consumption of trans fats by just 2 percent escalated her risks of ovulation-related infertility by a staggering 73 percent, based on the health data collected between 1991-99 on more than 18,500 women who tried to conceive.

During that eight-year span, more than 400 women experienced infertility problems related to ovulation, and the amount of total fat and cholesterol a patient consumed wasn't a problem. No surprise, this striking infertility problem is tied, once again, to America's addiction to fast foods like French fries and doughnuts, two of the worst foods anyone can eat.

Just a reminder, women can also boost their fertility problems by eating too many soy-based foods, as even tiny doses of genistein in the female tract can destroy sperm.

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