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More Ridiculous News -- A Diet Pill For Your Pet

With increasing numbers of pets becoming overweight, and many of their owners already taking dangerous fat-blocking drugs, the mega-drug companies would deliver drug-based solutions.

With the blessing of the FDA, that "paragon" of drug safety, Pfizer won approval for their anti-obesity concoction Slentrol earlier this month (available by prescription only for dogs).

Just like humans, any pill that is designed to have pets lose weight is designed to fail, as it does not address the underlying reason why animals get overweight. The situation is even far worse for pets, as they need whole unprocessed foods just like you do and when they are given traditional pet foods they will gain weight and acquire all sorts of diseases.

One of the best resources I found that helps describe the awful state of commercial dog food and a program to replace it is Dr. Martin Goldstein’s book, Nature of Animal Healing.

USA Today January 16, 2007