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This Totally Worthless Food is Getting A "Natural" Makeover

Krispy Kreme, whose business fortunes went south some three years ago, and other smaller chains may soon get a free pass on the trans fats bans that are starting to pop up all over the United States by doing the unthinkable: Creating a "healthier" doughnut.

Some smaller chains have already made the switch to trans fat-free doughnuts -- a few at the urging of Starbucks, already in the midst of purging trans fats from its foods -- and one New York supplier claims his company started cooking "all-natural" versions some 12 years ago.

In the meantime, Kripsy Kreme and the other market leader, Dunkin' Donuts, have kept quiet in general about their quest to create a trans fat-free doughnut, much like McDonald's failed attempts to develop tasty French fries without all the fats.

Fact is, many experts, including me, agree the lack of trans fats doesn't make a doughnut, French fries or potato chips any healthier for you to eat. If you really want to be healthy, your best bet is to stay away from processed foods, reduce or eliminate grains and sugars from your diet and eat the foods your body burns best according to your unique nutritional type.

Yahoo News January 15, 2007