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Ear Tubes Not Usually Necessary to Prevent Developmental Problems in Kids

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine provides even more evidence against the use of ear tubes in children with fluid in their ears (as a result of ear infections). Just a few years ago, about 1 million kids in North America would have ear tubes inserted every year, a surgery that was once the second-most-common operation performed in the United States.

The reasoning behind the tubes was that they would prevent developmental abnormalities in children whose hearing had been impaired. However, as I reported back in 2001, and as this new study has found, inserting ear tubes does not make a difference in most children’s behavioral and speech development.

Among the toddlers in the study, half received ear tubes immediately for their fluid-filled ears, while the other half waited between six and nine months. After 10 years, both groups scored equally as well in literacy, attention, social skills and academic achievement.

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