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American Cancer Society Now Pushing Cervical Cancer Vaccine on Young Girls

As I posted last week, more states are considering a requirement for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which is being promoted as a way to prevent cervical cancer.

Now, the American Cancer Society has issued guidelines recommending that 11- and 12-year old girls should routinely receive the HPV vaccine. The guidelines also say:

  • Females as young as 9 years may receive HPV vaccination
  • HPV vaccination is also recommended for females ages 13 to 18 years to catch up on a missed vaccine or to complete the vaccination series
  • There is not enough data to recommend for or against HPV vaccination for women ages 19 to 26

Folks, cervical cancer is virtually 100 percent avoidable through behavioral modifications (it’s spread through sexual contact), and most HPV infections clear up on their own. While vaccine manufacturers could expect to receive billions of dollars if this vaccine becomes mandatory, the vaccine recipients will not be so lucky.

Cancer prevention is not as simplistic as taking a vaccination. Maintaining a high level of immune integrity is the key, and this is done through the basics of emotional balancing, optimized nutrition, avoidance of toxins, proper sleep, exercise and hydration.

CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians January/February 2007; 57:7-28 (Free Full-Text Article)