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Folic Acid May Boost Brain Health in the Elderly

A study of over 800 people between the ages of 50 and 70 found that those who took a folic acid supplement daily for three years did much better on tests of memory and cognitive function than those who took a placebo pill.

The findings suggest that folic acid may boost brain power in the elderly and may also help reduce the risk of dementia.

While the many benefits of folic acid continue to be uncovered -- it’s already known that this important nutrient plays a role in reducing birth defects and warding off heart disease and strokes -- it is my strong belief that using foods is a far superior option to taking folic acid supplements as they did in this study.

Fresh vegetables, especially dark green, leafy ones, are some of your best natural sources of folic acid. If your diet is lacking in these vegetables you will tend to have increased homocysteine levels and an increased risk of all degenerative diseases -- including an increased risk of mental decline.

Eating plenty of fresh, raw vegetables, according to your nutritional type, is the natural way to make certain you are receiving an ideal daily dose of folic acid (and hundreds of other known and unknown nutrients).

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