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Regain Your Privacy: Sign Up for Opt-Out Lists

Since the Do-Not-Call List was created in 2003, 137 million people have added their phone numbers as a way to stop annoying telemarketing calls. But why stop there? This New York Times article tells you how to opt-out of a host of other privacy invasions to make your life simpler and even protect your personal information from identity thieves. Some of the items you can opt-out of include:

  • Phone solicitations
  • Junk mail
  • E-mail
  • Credit card offers

Protecting your privacy is not only important for financial reasons, it’s important for your health. By signing up for some of the opt-out lists above, you’ll be taking a step toward reducing unnecessary stress -- in the form of telemarketing calls, junk mail and junk e-mail -- from your life.

The New York Times January 20, 2007