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Conventional Medicine on the Run as Pfizer's Financial Fortunes Decline

How far "the mighty" have fallen since Pfizer, America's kingpin among the mega-drugmakers, spent a cool $90 billion to buy Warner-Lambert seven years ago.

Late last year, the New York company did the unthinkable, trimming its once-untouchable sales force by 20 percent and announced the closure of manufacturing facilities in America and overseas as well as 7,800 more job cuts yesterday.

The newer cuts, in addition to the older ones, represent some 10 percent of Pfizer's workforce, a real victory for the health of patients around the world who are seeking safer solutions for their conditions in increasing numbers.

With competition from generic drugs coming faster and stronger, however, it's anyone's guess if Pfizer will pocket those extra dollars or merely use them to buy more influence at your doctor's office or pay for more biased studies. Remember, conventional medicine can only harm your health, if you let it happen. Do your homework, don't fall for the hype and take better responsibility for your health.

USA Today January 23, 2007

New York Times January 23, 2007 Registration Required