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Don't be Fooled By Brainwashed Doctors

This interesting piece from the Web site How Stuff Works describes the various forms of brainwashing -- from the extreme to the subtle -- and how they work or don't to influence your opinions on all sorts of things.

The most extreme and invasive kind of brainwashing requires the complete isolation and total dependency of the subject, and most psychologists believe it can work under ideal situations, but the effect is often a short-term one.

What concerns me here, however, are the more subtle forms of brainwashing that can affect your health in so many ways.

  • Education
  • Persuasion
  • Compliance
  • Thought reform

Take, for example, medical students whose opinions may be swayed so subtly, they're more likely to err on the side of useless prescription drugs that have been marketed to them because they're easily influenced into believing the newest, greatest and, often, most expensive drug is always the best solution.

This is why I remind you often, taking ownership for your own health by addressing the underlying causes of your problems often produces dynamic results.

How Stuff Works