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Cynicism Can Harm Your Heart Health

Just as optimists may be more prone to lead longer lives, negative emotions can damage your health, as seen in this latest study linking a patient's risks of heart disease to cynical distrust, stress and depression.

Some 6,800 patients (ages 45-84) completed a self-assessment questionnaire that rated their risk of chronic depression or stress while scientists took blood samples to measure fibrinogen, C-reactive protein and IL-6, three markers of inflammation leading to heart disease.

While depression and stress were associated with one or two of those heart disease markers, cynical distrust was linked to all three of them. And, no surprise, further analysis of the numbers showed those inflammatory signs were linked to an unhealthy lifestyle marred by smoking and obesity.

While the potent combination of diet and exercise can do a world of good for your health, you must also find ways to treat the stressors and negative emotions, or you may never heal completely.

A safe and effective means to treat your emotional health without a toxic drug: Learn to use an energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique.

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BBC News January 23, 2006