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You CAN Change the World

I found this article a particularly inspirational reminder that if you place your focus on an intention, there is a far likelier chance of being successful. Personally, my mission is to change the world of health care. It is my intention to inspire and encourage a few million people to do likewise and then it will happen.

My best estimate is that it will take about 35 million Americans to achieve this. We only need to 10 percent of the public to be conscious of the truth. That, clearly, is not everyone.

Once that amount of people know the truth, change is inevitable as anything less will not be tolerated. You have your own mission and I encourage you to continue along your journey, as that is what is right for you.

If you don’t yet have a passion, change the world in some positive way. I encourage you to join me in my efforts and become a beacon of truth about natural health. Learn as much as you can and point out the massive fraud and deception that is so pervasive around us.

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