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Diabetics Must Repay Their Exercise Debt

What's amazingly sad about this study linking the persistence of type 2 diabetes to the lack of exercise: Diabetes patients, as well as those at risk of succumbing to it, still ignore the advice of their physicians who prescribe exercise.

Based on a survey of some 22,000 diabetics, more than 60 percent are not on a current exercise regimen. What's more, high-risk patients who obviously need it the most are the least likely to be active. Apparently, most patients still don't appreciate all the good exercise can do for their health, and many Americans remain absolutely delusional about it.

The presence of type 2 diabetes alone increases a patient's risk for so many heart-related problems -- among them stroke and heart attack -- it can slash their total lifespan by up to 15 years, particularly baby boomers.

Even the New England Journal of Medicine has acknowledged exercise and diet (ideally based on your body's unique nutritional type), working hand-in-hand, can completely eliminate diabetes.

USA Today January 26, 2007