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McDonald's Finally Gets Around to Making Trans Fat-Free French Fries

After many years of false promises and deception, McDonald's finally began the switch away from trans fatty cooking oil for its French Fries in some 1,200 restaurants.

Although the fast-food giant made a vow some five years ago to switch over to a "healthier" cooking oil, smaller chains like Wendy's and Taco Bell beat McDonald's to the punch last year.

McDonald's rollout of the newer oil will eventually hit all locations within the next 12 months, a very small but good step in the right direction. Nevertheless, this newer blend of canola, soybean and corn oils -- allegedly a trans fat-free mix -- probably isn't much healthier for you and certainly doesn't change the fact that French fries are still among the worst foods anyone can possibly eat.

It's a virtual certainty -- if your diet is largely made up of fast food fare -- you're accelerating the aging process and compromising your overall health. One of the first steps you can take toward optimizing your health safely and effectively: Make the commitment to prepare your own meals at home.

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