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Paxil's Link to Teenage Suicides Covered Up

Evidently, GlaxoSmithKline knew far more about the risks of suicide among teenagers taking their toxic antidepressant Paxil, according to a BBC report.

Drugmakers claimed Paxil (called Seroxat in the UK) was useful in treating children with depression, despite failed clinical trials that were distorted and covered up, along with the subversive tactics of company-employed ghostwriters who influenced scientists, the BBC says.

The other huge hit to the dubious reputation of Paxil and Glaxo: Among an avalanche of boxes, an e-mail paper trail from a BBC reporter to Glaxo researchers was discovered, regarding the safety of Paxil, that had been forwarded to corporate minions seeking advice on how to respond to the reporter's tough questions.

All this news comes only seven months after the drugmaker issued a letter to American doctors warning their toxic, useless drug compounded the risk of teen suicide attempts and a study that added a propensity toward hostility and violence to the list of its harmful side effects.

Thankfully, you can avoid toxic antidepressants altogether, and treat your emotions by using safer, healthier options, none of which have anything to do with taking a pill.

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