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Why Take a Contraceptive to Treat Your Acne?

The rhetorical answer to the headline above is very obvious: It"s just another way, thanks to the almighty wisdom of the safety conscious FDA (an acronym that also stands for FRAUD DECEIT ALWAYS) for Bayer Schering Pharma AG to extend the use and profitability of YAZ, a needless oral contraceptive that may also harm a woman"s health, to treat moderate acne.

By the way, YAZ has the dubious distinction of not only being FDA-approved as a contraceptive and one-pill cure for moderate acne: It"s also sanctioned to treat the emotional and physical symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (formerly known as PMS) as is Prozac under another name.

Just a reminder, any conventional approach -- from YAZ to Accutane -- merely treats the symptom, but never the underlying problem associated with acne.

Your first and best solution for controlling acne for good: Optimizing your insulin levels by reducing, with the plan of eliminating, grains and sugars from your daily diet.

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