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Finally the Media Is Recognizing The Perils of Fluoridated Water

It's been a long time in coming, but the news media -- seemingly tone deaf and out of touch about many health concerns -- may be finally recognizing and understanding the risks associated with drinking fluoridated water.

This interesting three-minute video from a Tennessee TV station reviews the major problems with a number of experts and residents, so concerned about fluoridation, they've asked Gov. Phil Bredesen (D) to remove it from their state's drinking water.

The problem with fluoride has become especially acute among babies, according to the video report, as the American Dental Association has recently recommended mothers not use fluoridated water in their child's formula, further evidence the recent Iowa Fluoride Study revealed grave concerns about this harmful chemical.

Another reminder, 11 EPA employee unions requested a moratorium on fluoridated drinking water some 18 months ago and asked the agency to recognize the cancer risks associated with such programs. Watch this video and learn more about the poison many Americans invite unknowingly into their homes.