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New Video Game Can Actually Cause Kids to Lose Weight

You may recall a unique plan by officials in West Virginia to beat the epidemic of childhood obesity in their state: Using video games to keep kids moving. Seems at least one of the major players in the video game business has taken the hint...

Out of all of the new video game consoles out there -- Xbox 360 (Microsoft), Playstation 3 (Sony) and Wii (Nintendo) -- the Wii has been the overwhelming favorite by nearly every measure, including sales. Nearly all the reviews I"ve read extol the virtues of the Wii. This is a good thing, due to the Wii’s unique controller that actually gets players MOVING.

One of the primary problems with video games is that they are so sedentary, a major factor contributing to the obesity epidemic in children. Based on the right games, however, you can use them on the Wii to jump-start an exercise plan for your children or you. That is the good news.

The bad news is that, because of the demand, the Wii is still not at all easy to get. About the only reliable way to purchase the console is on eBay, but it is going for $100 more than the current retail price ($249).

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