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How to Legally Save Tens of Thousands on a College Education

As you probably know, the pursuit of knowledge, while invaluable, can be very costly, with tuition at some state and private universities now exceeding $100,000 for a four-year degree. This interesting YouTube video caught my attention because it claims a student can earn a four-year college degree for about $11 a day or $15,000, and it can be done while working part-time.

This 10-minute video explains some of the very logical, legitimate and smart ways anyone can accelerate their education track. What follows are four of the best solutions that can save you time and money, if you're motivated. Then, click on the video for the entire list.

  1. Taking night classes at a local community college while working during the day.
  2. Participating in a distance program, meaning taking classes at reduced rates via the Internet or mail.
  3. If you're motivate to attend an out-of-state school, establish residency first to secure lower tuition rates.
  4. Seeking an entity like the College Board offering tests that allow you to earn college credits without taking classes.