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Genetically Modified Food -- Panacea or Poison

If you're still on the fence at all about the inherent dangers posed by science manipulating our food supply -- specifically the low art of genetically modified (GM) crops -- plan to spend an hour this week watching the documentary, Genetically Modified Food -- Panacea or Poison.

With the global demand for food doubling over the past three decades, some scientists believe manipulating DNA, thus creating "Frankenstein-like" foods that are impervious to pests and disease, are the answer, despite scant proof they're safe to eat.

The documentary argues the world's awareness about the GM blight started some time ago in Europe, spreading from the UK to parts south and east. Unfortunately, Americans are far less wary about GM foods than they should be.

Perhaps, Americans would feel far more skeptical if they realized 75 percent of the processed foods they eat every day contain a GM substance. Once you've watched this important video, I suspect you'll want to follow some of my common sense tips for staying away from GM foods for good.