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The FDA Isn't Making it Easy to Identify Cloned Foods

Another reason you should scrutinize your sources for food even more carefully than before: Part-and-parcel with the FDA's ridiculous decision to allow milk and meat from cloned animals, the agency probably won't mandate any special labeling either, even though some companies are already planning for it.

All that said, consumers won't be completely in the dark as long as they pay attention to existing food labeling, according to the Organic Trade Association. The green round USDA organic label will still appear on foods that contain no pesticides or antibiotics and are clone-free.

Perhaps, the labeling process will be easier still one day soon if Sen. Barbara Mikulski's (D-Md.) proposed bill that would require labeling on cloned foods is approved by Congress. Unfortunately, according to various biotech companies, it may be difficult for dairy and food producers to guarantee their products are clone-free anyway.

And, no wonder, considering genetically modified organisms are present in some 75 percent of all processed foods.

Remember, you can bypass this confusing maze of conventional food labeling altogether by obtaining wholesome foods from local sources.

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