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Vitamin D Deficiency is a Major Cause of Parkinson's Disease

In an excellent paper, a pair of researchers (father and son) presented considerable evidence that vitamin D deficiency is one cause, perhaps the major cause, of Parkinson's disease.

Scientists reviewed a 1997 case report in which a patient with Parkinson's disease steadily improved when treated with 4,000 IU daily. Their recommendation for an interventional study using only 2,000 IU daily in Parkinson's patients is regrettable, however, as all clinical interventional studies -- in any disease -- should use enough vitamin D to obtain and then maintain blood levels at those sustained from natural summertime sun exposure.

That said, the ideal way to boost your vitamin D levels -- through safe exposure to sunshine every day -- can be a huge challenge for those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere. If you choose to take a high quality cod liver oil to help you get the vitamin D your body needs every day, please have your blood levels checked with regularity, because it can be particularly dangerous not to monitor them.

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