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Supermarket Secrets Revealed

If you wondered why cloned and genetically modified foods are making their way into the consumer food chain with relative ease, this interesting British documentary blames it on the monolithic rise of the supermarket.

So, how can your corner supermarket afford to keep lowering their prices? The film argues, rightly, growers and farmers are pressured into making serious short cuts through chemistry or biological intervention that have made our food supply less nutritious and safe than ever before.

You'll also get a "bird's eye" view of factory farming from the prospective of chickens, how they're prepared for market and the tell-tale signs of mistreatment and filth on their bodies after they arrive in your grocery store. And that doesn't take into account the toxic load of antibiotics many chickens still carry with them.

All the more reason to seek out local sources of wholesome, healthy foods that support the environment and your community.