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Why Current US Immigration Policy is Bad News

Have you ever wondered about the real problems behind immigration that's confounded and confused so many Americans and, in particular, lawmakers? Roy Beck, executive director of the non-partisan group NumbersUSA argues in this interesting and alarming 14-minute video, it's virtually deregulated immigration laws enacted by Congress in 1965 that's taxed our country's resources to near beyond the brink.

Simply put, the 1 million-plus people now immigrating annually to America (about six times the number who came here between 1925-65) even coupled with below "replacement fertility levels" among Americans still represent a doubling of this country's overall population growth since 1970.

Consider one more alarming fact, before watching this video: Unchecked immigration levels in the U.S. have spawned a problem so dire in California alone, the most populous state in America would have to erect a new school every day in perpetuity just to keep up with the growing number of kids there...