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More Evidence Vitamin D Prevents Cancer

Two new meta-analysis studies (which combine data from multiple reports) have found even more evidence that vitamin D is an important cancer-fighting tool. The first study examined nearly 1,800 records and found that:

  • People with the highest blood levels of vitamin D had the lowest risk of breast cancer
  • The opposite was also true: those with the lowest vitamin D levels had the highest rates of breast cancer

The second study, which looked at nearly 1,500 people, found similar results. Raising vitamin D levels (serum level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D) to 34 ng/ml reduced rates of colorectal cancer by half, while raising levels to 46ng/ml cut the risk by two-thirds.

Optimizing your sun exposure and levels of vitamin D may, indeed, be one of the most important physical steps you can take in support of your long-term health, but it is important to understand that the ideal and STRONGLY preferred method of increasing your vitamin D level is through appropriate sun exposure. I really do not advise oral supplements, not even cod liver oil now, UNLESS you have your blood levels checked regularly.  

Science Daily February 8, 2007