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Can You Measure Your Heart Attack Risks With Your Finger?

You may recall a study I posted some time ago about Canadian researchers measuring a male"s propensity for physical aggression by the length of his fingers. Generally, shorter index fingers in comparison to ring fingers meant more aggressiveness.

Seems that study was one of many that attempted to measure a patient"s future health risks with fingers, including this one that tried to establish a link between the length of a young boy"s ring finger and his chances of heart disease.

Based on a review of the health of some 150 male heart attack patients, longer ring fingers were associated with better heart health, while longer index fingers widened the age range of heart attack risks (35-80).

Once again, scientists blamed genes, indirectly responsible for the production of testosterone and estrogen, that also control the development of human fingers and one"s elevated or decreased risk of heart disease. Fact is, many health "experts" exaggerate the influence genes really have on your health.

It"s the expression of those genes -- influenced by how you live your life -- that makes the real difference. Besides, there"s plenty of natural weapons at your disposal to lessen your heart risks, without drugs.

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