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Finally -- A Move to Eliminate Birth Control Pills

As you know, a patch isn't the only form of birth control that elevates a woman's risk of blood clots. Third-generation oral contraceptives containing the synthetic hormone desogestrel are just as dangerous, more than doubling a woman's risks of fatal venous thromboembolisms.

Earlier this week, Public Citizen asked the FDA to ban those heart-stopping, third-generation contraceptives that, to add insult to injury, may not be as effective as older forms of birth control containing nogestrel, levonorgestrel or norethindrone.

Women would probably be more alarmed about the health risks associated with these useless, toxic drugs too, Public Citizen argues, if drugmakers (Barr Phamaceuticals makes six of the 10 contraceptives using desogestrel) didn't hide those same health warnings in "plain sight," albeit nearly unreadable 4-point type on labels.

Women don't need a patch, pill or implantable rod, as there are plenty of safer, more natural birth control alternatives available that are just as effective.

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