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The Fattest City in America is the Gambling Capitol of the World

Boy, how times have changed for my hometown. Since Men's Health magazine bestowed the dubious honor of fattest city in the nation to Chicago a year ago, evidently, moves to enact a trans fats ban and other civic changes must have paid off. You won't find Chicago anywhere on the list of the top 10 fattest cities this year.

That notorious top spot on the 2007 Men's Health list was claimed by Las Vegas, last year's unfortunate "runner-up," followed by San Antonio, Miami, Mesa, Ariz., Los Angeles and Houston. Two unsurprising factors that likely helped the Gambling Capitol of the World earn the dubious distinction in the eyes of Men's Health:

  • More fast-food restaurants than any other city on the list.
  • Health estimates that 70 percent of Las Vegas residents are so sedentary, doctors believe patients are putting their health at risk.

The real trick to turning around this epidemic of obesity (that isn't confined to Las Vegas) safely and naturally: Optimizing your diet -- ideally according to your unique nutritional type -- in addition to getting the right amount of exercise.

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