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Why Diamonds Really Aren't Your Best Friend

From time to time, I enjoy sharing stories with you like the stay-at-home mom myth or the real problems with wearing a bicycle helmet that offer counter-cultural perspectives you may not find anywhere else. With Valentine's Day looming, you may want to pay close attention to this latest expose of diamonds from the Web site, Wise Bread.

This interesting story details the myths surrounding the true value of diamonds, arguing they aren't as precious or rare as you might believe. Besides, if diamonds were really valuable, wouldn't jewelers buy them from consumers at a premium, instead of a fraction of what you may have paid.

And, with the advent of synthetic diamonds that are cheaper, have fewer flaws and, arguably, look better, there is no need to own a "real" diamond any more.

One more variable to consider when thinking about diamonds: All the bloodshed, war and terrorism waged in Africa and paid for by those shiny little rocks as described in the recent movie, Blood Diamond about the conflicts in Sierra Leone.

Wise Bread January 4, 2007