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Will Drug Companies and the FDA Really Take Care of You?

More Americans by the day are starting to take big time notice of the scam perpetuated by the mega-drug companies that keep often toxic substances in the consumer pipeline with the help of a hands-off FDA completely uninterested in drug safety and a sleepy Congress obviously more interested in lobbying dollars than protecting your health.

That's the gist of this short trailer below for the documentary WE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU by Lattanzio Firmian and Albertu Baudo.

The film details the many aspects of Vioxx debacle from the perspective of patients who assumed the life-threatening pain reliever was safe because a bureaucracy stacked against anything and everything but big business didn't tell them otherwise.

You'll also hear from one of my heroes, Dr. David Graham, who has argued from the start that the FDA -- the federal agency where he currently works -- has blood on their hands for allowing the Vioxx disaster to happen in the first place.