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You Don't Need a Drug to Make it to 100

Last month, I posted a video explaining how regulating the production of sirtuins can help you live a longer life. So, the next illogical step, unfortunately, for those in conventional medicine is to formulate drugs to unnaturally control that process.

Researchers at one U.S. drug company have discovered how a method for doing just that by controlling the interaction of sirtuins and nicotinamide, a vitamin B3 component. Nicotinamide molecules block the anti-aging effects of sirtuins when bound to them in cells.

So the rush is on to develop drugs that can fill that "need." In fact, one Massachusetts company, Elixir Pharmaceuticals, has filed more than 20 patents or applications related to a sirtuin class of compounds.

Restricting your calorie intake will certainly do the trick, but it's not very satisfying for many people. You can enjoy similar benefits, however, if you limit your caloric intake on foods that don't raise your insulin levels, meaning you'll want to consume fewer grains and sugars, the foundation of my Total Health Program.

Boosting your intake of resveratrol from natural sources -- among them whole grade skins and seeds -- will accomplish nearly the same thing, without the need for restricting calories.

in-Pharma Technologist.com February 12, 2007