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Better Natural Options for Breast Implants

Considering the many concerns surrounding the end of virtually any restrictions on silicone-gel breast implants Japanese scientists may have uncovered a safer option using stem cells.

More than 40 patients have been treated with the technique that begins with harvesting stem cells from the fat taken from the stomach or thigh. Once this enriched stem cell mix is combined with normal fatty tissues, it's injected into the breast. So far, this technique has been able to enlarge a woman's breasts by about half as much as silicone implants.

Nevertheless, Japanese researchers claim the effect is far more natural-looking and sidesteps any incidents involving leaking or ruptures.

Once again, it's certainly worth a reminder that any consideration about breast implants is a likely sign of a deeper problem, namely a poor-self-image that can be addressed very safely and effectively with a tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique.

That said, MANY women will seek out implants anyway, no matter what experts may say about the possible dangers. If a women considers breast implants at all, this treatment -- perhaps five years away from becoming a reality -- appears to be a FAR safer option, as there simply isn't any reason to ever consider silicone implants.

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