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Staying Active With Exercise Lowers a Woman's Breast Cancer Risks For a Lifetime

Probably, the most important aspect about using exercise to optimize your health: You must treat it like a drug, meaning it must be prescribed precisely to do the most for your body. There's no truer evidence than this recent study about exercise and its protective effect on invasive breast cancer.

Researchers polled more than 15,000 women (including more than 6,000 survivors of invasive breast cancer) living in Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Massachusetts between ages 20-69 about their health and exercise habits.

Provided they didn't have a history of breast cancer in their families, women who exercised generally reduced their risk of breast cancer. Moreover, at least six hours of strenuous exercise every week -- a prescription for health -- cut a woman's risks of invasive breast cancer by 23 percent.

Most importantly, a woman can receive the very same protection exercise affords them against breast cancer at any stage in her life, meaning it's never too late to start. If you need some help, you'll want to review my beginner's exercise page today.

And, learn more about virtually eliminating your cancer risks by reviewing my major recommendations.

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