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Fatal Side Effects of Flu Drug

You can't blame states for wanting to back far away from worthless flu drugs, considering the latest suicide-related death of a junior high school woman in Japan shortly after being treated at a hospital with the deadly Tamiflu.

At least four deaths and 100 recent cases of bizarre behavior have been associated with the use of Tamiflu, mainly involving children and largely in Japan, because they use it far more often than any other country in the world.

Even with all the cash and evil marketing tricks in the world at the disposal of profit-hungry drugmakers, reports like these, even scattered as they are, certainly create doubts about all the hot air and hype in the minds of parents.

With the flu "season" for conventional medicine coming to an end for the year, you probably haven't heard much about any major outbreaks or vaccine shortages in the United States. Perhaps, more people than ever are relying on their own common sense and a variation of my safe and simple flu protocol, one that avoids worthless, toxic drugs.

Mainichi Daily News February 17, 2007