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Prescription for Disaster - -You Need to Watch This Video!!

If you haven't had the opportunity to watch the documentary,Prescription For Disaster, yet, I urge you to study Gary Null's lengthy investigation into the many "play-for-pay" relationships that exist between lawmakers, lobbyists, medical schools and the FDA, just to name a few, that constantly serve to harm your health, while keeping the coffers of drug companies flush with cash.

This film documents the problems with a health care system that supports the many and frequent scams evil marketing geniuses employed by drug companies foist on an unknowing public every day.

In this 92-minute documentary, you'll hear from experts like FDA scientist Dr. David Graham, who strongly believes nothing has fundamentally changed since the Vioxx debacle more than two years ago.

Why do drug companies and conventional medicine fight so hard to fight against safer, effective alternatives that don't involve needless drugs and procedures that are more often than not, harmful and fatal? The flow of marketing cash filling the pockets of your doctor and hospital to prescribe these horrible potions might end, for starters...

Once you follow the trail of money Gary Null describes in Prescription For Disaster, I'm sure you'll want to share this important video, now available in my Web store, with your friends and loved ones.