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Toxic Plastics Can Impair Your Baby's Fertility

The evidence keeps mounting, regarding the toxic effects of bisphenol A (BPA), the estrogenic compound used in making plastic food containers, that increases your unborn female baby's future risk of adult breast cancer.

This newest study from Yale University on mice discovered new BPA risks, this time tied to the long-term effect such exposure can have on female development, and specifically, fertility. Scientists administered differing ranges of BPA to pregnant female mice over an eight-day period of their pregnancies to learn how the chemical would interact with the HOXA10 gene needed for uterine development.

No surprise, BPA altered the expression of important developmental genes that form the uterus, leading researchers to believe the reproductive tract of pregnant women, who are exposed to an even greater toxic load of BPA than animals, may be harmed along with the future fertility of any female babies they are carrying.

Unfortunately, BPA is only one of a great many toxins out there you and your family need to avoid. Some common sense tips you can use today to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals:

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