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Common Plastics May Increase Your Child's Obesity Risks

On the heels of yesterday's warning about the dire effects of bisphenol A on your baby's fertility comes another report that blames endocrine-disrupting chemicals like BPA on exacerbating your child's risks of obesity.

Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the womb may change how an unborn child's genes work, scientists say, predisposing him or her to obesity. Those very same chemicals caused mice to be born at low body weights, then forced their bodies to double their weights in just seven days. And, as mice got older, the more obese they became throughout their little lives.

As a result, babies are born with a metabolic system programmed for starvation that maximizes the use of all food children consume. Scientists estimate there's about 1,000 man-made chemicals that can be designated as endocrine disruptors and they can be found in common plastics, pesticides and electronics.

All the more reason to protect your children from toxins as much as you can in their foods and drinking water and from personal care products they may use.

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