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America's Health Care Costs Will DOUBLE in the Next Ten Years

By the year 2016, what Americans spend for health care -- already an astronomical $2 TRILLION -- are expected to double by 2016 to more than $4 TRILLION, with the government share of the tab reaching 50 percent, according to economists with the National Health Statistics Group.

Already, 16 cents out of every American dollar is spent on health care, and that will rise to nearly 20 cents in 10 years. Consequently, out-of-pocket consumer spending on health care will rise to $440 billion.

A major factor driving this massive increase, according to economists: An aging population, led by the Baby Boomer generation, becoming eligible for Medicare. What's more, those dollars they spend will be wasted on useless and, often, toxic prescription drugs foisted on them by a conventional and unreliable health care system that emphasizes profits over true health.

Improving these grim projections begins and ends with you taking better responsibility for your own health concerns and those of your family, starting today. Much of this increased spending, experts say, will go toward drugs to "treat" diabetes and cancer. Both of these serious conditions can be avoided safely without them by taking better ownership of your own health.

Fortunately, you have many free tools available on my Web site to make this transition to optimal health a smooth one.

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