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America's Largest Dairy Producer Bans Cloned Cows Milk

In a huge blow against absurd rulings by the FDA recently, the largest dairy company in America -- Dean Foods -- is taking a pass on milk produced by cloned cows.

With estimated sales of more than $10 billion, some experts believe the move by Dean Foods will effectively put a stop to the development and use of cloned cows in the dairy industry. The reason Dean gave for backing away from the clones: Most consumer studies have shown a similar reticence against consuming cloned foods.

The decision could also have a huge impact on Cyagra, a livestock cloning company based in Pennsylvania, that's currently working with dairy cows.

All that said, however, please don't be lulled into believing the pasteurized milk Dean Foods and other producers make -- organic or not -- is at all healthy or safe for you to consume. There's no question, raw milk is a wonderful, natural food that contains one of the finest sources of calcium for humans. If you've been wanting to try raw milk and haven't be able to find it, visit the Real Milk Web site to find a provider near you.

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