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61 Tips to Help You Save Time on the Job and at Home

All of us have limits on the time we have on a given day just to get the major tasks accomplished, and, often, far less on getting things done that really matter. That time-starved feeling many of you have, me included, is the reason I'm fond of sharing time management tips I find that may save you a few minutes every day to pursue your true passion, whatever it may be.

If you haven't mastered the art of time management yet, you'll want to review this extensive list of 61 tips you can use on the job, with co-workers and at home to save time for the important things that matter. What follows is a sampling of this extensive list of tips. Then, hit the link below for the entire list.

  • Planning your work schedule ahead of time can leave up to 20 percent of your workday free for interruptions and emergencies.
  • Prioritize the tasks you must do during a given day.
  • Match the tasks your employees are assigned to accomplish with their capabilities.
  • Start your work day 15-30 minutes earlier with the plan of spending that much more time at home.
  • Learn to say no when it comes to time-wasting events that interfere with the things you really love doing.

Project Management Source February 23, 2007