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How the Government is Threatening Your Freedom to Use Supplements

Modern medicine has led us to Babylon and a wasteland of expensive and ineffective options, but without a great deal of help from the federal government. Simply put, the FDA protects corporate interests and sticks it to consumers. The agency pretends they are on the side of free trade but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, they are on the side of regulations and special interests, all for the protection of certain multi-national corporations.

That's the message behind this short video, We Become Silent: The Last Days of Health Freedom you must watch.

As I see it, the betrayal of democracy began when profit replaced the will of the people and corporate lobbyists became the masters of the universe. If it is true that our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about things that matter, then freedom in this country has already begun to atrophy because of our inaction.

The pursuit of happiness and the promise of personal choice are eventually chipped away by complacency. If we exercise our choices just as the forces of power and money have done, you CAN make a difference. On the other hand, should we stay silent, governments will be free to replace the teachings of truth with their toxic lies.

Remember you get the government you deserve -- including all the institutional hypocracy and bias endemic to the FDA -- if you don't stand up and be counted. If everyone does their fair share, however, the good guys will eventually prevail.

For more information, I strongly encourage you to check out the material at Care2.com.