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A Sunny Treatment for Alzheimer's

Considering how low vitamin D levels affect the mental health of the elderly, I'm not at all surprised to learn the sunshine vitamin may also be an ideal natural treatment for Alzheimer's disease too.

Over the course of a small study, researchers at the University of Wisconsin uncovered strong links to blood samples of Alzheimer's patients, their poor outcomes on cognitive tests and low levels of vitamin D. Scientists launched the study, however, after reports from family members of Alzheimer's patients who were treated with large doses of prescription vitamin D and were acting and performing better than before.

Because optimal vitamin D levels may enhance the amount of important chemicals in the brain and protect brain cells, researchers believe the sunshine vitamin may indeed be a great way to prevent or lessen the effects of Alzheimer's.

By the way, getting the optimal amount of vitamin D every day can also be used in combination with other things to treat conditions like heart disease and cancer too. As you know, however, getting the right amount of vitamin D naturally via safe sunshine exposure is especially tricky right now during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you want to boost your vitamin D levels with cod liver oil or any other supplement, please be sure to monitor your blood levels closely and regularly to prevent overdosing.

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