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Does Anything Justify the Massacre of Dolphins?

You'll likely be as upset as I was after watching this disheartening video about the seemingly common capture and slaughter of dolphins.  I have been in Maui since the beginning of the year and frequently get to see dolphins and it just sickens me to know that this occurs. Truthfully I could not even finish watching this video.

Dolphins are among the most intelligent mammals of them all. This video shows how, in small towns off the coast of Japan (mislabeled as whale meat), these atrocious acts are occurring. I am not opposed to killing animals for food as I eat meat daily, but it needs to be done humanely. Behavior that is a fraction as inhumane as the video documents has long ago been banned in the United States for cattle.

After watching this video, you'll be saddened and angry as I was, but you can put your outrage to good use by reminding people who can something about the horrible problem. To that end, please consider signing this online petition that transmits letters to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to stop the killing of dolphins and whales.