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Ice Cream is NOT a New Fertility Drug

Women wanting to be mothers have suffered and sifted through a raft of misinformation in the pursuit of becoming pregnant, but little compares to this outrageous study that found a diet rich in ice cream and other high-fat dairy foods could lower their risk of infertility.

Based on findings collected from the very popular Nurses Health Study, women who eat at least a single high-fat dairy food a day had an improved ability to ovulate (by 27 percent) versus those who ate two or more low-fat dairy products daily and were almost twice as likely not to be able to conceive. What's more, women who ate ice cream at least twice a week lowered their infertility risks by 38 percent.

The other abnormality about this study that makes no sense: No link was found between dairy foods and infertility.

Pasteurized milk and milk products, as you know, aren't far behind soft drinks as some of the worst things anyone could consume. The reason: The pasteurization process virtually eliminates the good bacteria normally present in milk and radically reduces its micronutrient and vitamin content which explains why raw milk, by far, is the better, healthier choice.

For women having problems conceiving, there are many safe, simple approaches you should consider to address this obstacle first that won't harm your health.

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