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Protect Your Family From Future Food Recalls

A problem with the recent recall of organic spinach -- where you bought the tainted food products -- may soon be solved for consumers for the short term in California, and perhaps nationwide, when a new law taking effect July 1 allows health officials to disclose where tainted meats and poultry were sold.

Evidently, the new law makes so much sense, a similar measure is being considered by the USDA that wants to post the names and addresses of grocery retailers on its Web site for any poultry and meat recalls.

As you might expect, lobbying organizations -- the American Meat Institute and Food Marketing Institute -- are solidly against the proposal, claiming food recalls may not be as effective if retailers are named because consumers may reflexively check the USDA Web site and not their refrigerators for tainted products, so expect a lawsuit if the USDA approves the measure.

Considering all the dangers inherent with processed meats, not to mention the FDA's recently approved spray-on virus, the best bet for your health is sticking with organic grass-fed meats and vegetables from local sources.

USA Today February 28, 2007