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Immoral Drug Company Experiments on Russian Kids

Considering all the evidence that vaccines aren't safe, especially for your children, it's no wonder drug companies try to avoid the limelight by testing their toxic potions in other countries. In the end, however, drugmakers are often still caught harming kids needlessly, according to this sad news story from southwestern Russia.

Russian prosecutors are investigating a clinic in Volgograd that was paid $50,000 by GlaxoSmithKline to conduct an illegal vaccine trial on 100 toddlers. These tests were among some 5,700 conducted on European children as part of a clinical trial, including 1,000 in Russia.

Parents weren't informed these vaccinations were part of a trial, misled by researchers into believing they were merely "routine." Even worse, some children participating unknowingly in the trial were already sick and made sicker as a result.

Moreover, the condition of one child who was already suffering from a neurological disease worsened to the degree that she could barely speak and showed other signs of problems likely related to autism brought on by exposure to mercury.

When will conventional medicine as a whole finally admit their mistake about vaccines and give up the pretense they do anyone any good? If you're still skeptical about the harm vaccines do, learn more about why Amish children don't have the same problem.

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