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We Are Making Progress -- Soft Drink Users Are Down!

Evidently, patients have begun paying attention to the various reports about all the damage soft drinks can do to their bodies: For the first time in nearly two decades, coffee consumption among Americans has exceeded the fizzy stuff among adults.

In the most recent report compiled by the National Coffee Association of USA, 57 percent of the consumers polled drank coffee every day, a tiny increase from 56 percent last year. The real difference here is in the soft drink numbers that dropped to just 51 percent from a high of 57 percent a year ago.

These numbers tell me patients are looking for safer alternatives to carbonated beverages that claim to be "soft," yet can expose you and your family to cancer-causing chemicals like benzene and damage your mental health, not to mention elevate your obesity risks exponentially.

However, if you believe coffee is a great deal safer than soft drinks, guess again. Although it depends on how your body metabolizes caffeine based on your unique nutritional type, coffee can also increase your risk of stroke and interfere with regulating your cholesterol levels.

Until you can make the switch to clean fresh water, the best choice of all, I urge you to review these tips for reducing coffee's harmful effects.

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