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8 Steps To Improving Your Enjoyment of Life

From time to time, I share the many health benefits you can enjoy merely by achieving happiness. The variable most people miss on the way to really feeling and being happy in a sustained way, however, is the ability to enjoy it for all it's worth.

Noted for his work on creativity and well-being, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly believes the true enjoyment of life isn't necessarily a cognitive skill and it's not enough to know how to do it. The real trick is to learn how to do it consistently, a process that can be painfully slow for some.

What follow is a sampling of a list of eight components of enjoyment that can make your life fuller and richer than ever before, then access the link below for the whole list.

  • Complete tasks you have the ability to finish.
  • Concentrate on the clear goals of the task.
  • Pay attention to any immediate feedback after the task is completed.
  • Notice that your sense of time after finishing certain tasks, based on your improved ability to enjoy the task at hand, is pleasantly altered.

In learning how to really enjoy life, all the accumulated positives you manifest can boost your body's natural immunities too.