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Is Your Rice Contaminated With Human Genes?

A few months ago, I warned you about the deregulation of a long abandoned species of genetically modified (GM) rice by the USDA. A pair of breaking news stories over the past few days about new strains of GM rice should make you even more wary than ever about the food you eat.

For one, the USDA isn't nearly as concerned as they should be about another strain of transgenic rice soon to be planted outdoors by Ventria Bioscience on some 3,000 acres in Kansas for use in making drugs that fight diarrhea.

What's to stop stormy weather patterns or tornadoes from scattering these Frankenstein seeds made from human genes onto other farms or grassy areas where no one intended it to grow? Not much, I'm afraid...

In other news, the USDA has told farmers not to plant another variety of long-grain rice that's been tainted, after scientists discovered an unapproved GM trait in Clearfield CL 131 (owned by BASF) during routine tests. Though test results are forthcoming, researchers believe the rice is resistant to the herbicide glyphosate, better known as Roundup, made by Monsanto.

By the way, Clearfield CL 131 accounts for more than 15 percent of America's long-grain rice crop.

All the more reason for you to stay away from processed foods as often as you can, and seek out local sources for healthier whole foods.

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