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More Ways Teflon Can Harm Your Baby

More than a year after the FDA urged companies to ban the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the chemical used in making Teflon, reports of new toxic side effects associated with your cookware and other products keeping on coming.

An ongoing Johns Hopkins study on 300 newborns and their level of exposure to PFOA has tied the chemical to the low birth weights of babies as well as the size of their heads.

Of course, DuPont experts defended their toxic product, noting that many chemicals were detected in the blood samples of infants, but they were small and well within normal ranges. If the study results prove to be true, what does that say about the normal ranges of PFOA exposure that make the birth weights of babies fall?

Just a warning that the containers of many of the useless, health-harming processed foods you see in the grocery store, ranging from candy bars to French fry boxes to microwave popcorn, are lined with Teflon.

ABC News February 23, 2007